A ship at sea, the Gladstone, spots two other ships, the Norman and the Voyager, and measures the angle between them to be 44°. The distance between the Gladstone and the Norman is 4510 yards. The Norman measures an angle of 36° between the Gladstone and the Voyager. To the nearest yard, what is the distance between the Norman and the Voyager?

Accepted Solution

Answer:3181 yards.Step-by-step explanation:All the given information can be used to draw a simple diagram. The diagram shows a triangle which is formed by the ships. There are two angles given and one side is given. Therefore, the sine rule must be used to solve the question. The sine rule can be written as:sin V / v = sin G / g. It can be observed that the angle V is unknown, however, it can be calculated very easily. Simply use the law of triangle in which all the 3 angles sum up to 180 degrees. So V = 180 degrees - 44 degrees - 36 degrees = 100 degrees. So plugging in v = 4510 yards, V = 100 degrees, G = 44 degrees, and g = x yards into the sine rule gives:sin 100 / 4510 = sin 44 / x.Cross multiplying gives:x*sin 100 = 4510*sin 44Making x the subject gives:x = (4510*sin 44)/sin 100.x = 3181 yards (to the nearest yard).Therefore, Norman and Voyager are 3181 yards apart from each other!!!