Find the area of a circle whose radius is 14 inches. (Use π = 3.1416.) A. 87.9648 square inches B. 43.9824 square inches C. 615.7536 square inches D. 153.9384 square inches

Accepted Solution

Answer:   C. 615.7536 square inchesStep-by-step explanation:The formula for the area of a circle is ...   A = πr²Fill in the given numbers and do the arithmetic.   A = 3.1416×(14 in)² = 615.7536 in²_____Comment on the value of piWe are interested to see that recent problems require use of a value of pi that has 5 significant digits, instead of 3 (as in 3.14). The only problem in this scenario is that the answer is now reported to 7 significant figures, so is still wrong. The correct 7-digit answer to this problem is 615.7522 in². It would be obtained by using a 7- or 8-digit value for pi: 3.141593 or 3.1415927 and rounding appropriately.