Probability with and without replacement: An activity book has 21 pages of crossword puzzles, 18 pages of cryptograms, and 12 pages of mazes. Bianca randomly selects a page, completes the activity, and then randomly selects another page to complete. What is the probability that Bianca first completes a maze and then completes a crossword puzzle.Ans: 42/42528/28921/8833/51

Accepted Solution

Answer:28/289Step-by-step explanation:First we need to find the total number of pages. 21 = crosswords puzzles 18 = cryptograms 12 = mazes So there are: 21 + 18 + 12 = 51 pages total The probability that Bianca will complete a maze first is 12/51. The probability that her next choice will be a crossword puzzle is 21/51 Now to find the probability that Bianca will do a maze followed by a crossword puzzle is: 12/51 x 21/51 We can simplify the values by dividing everything by 3 Maze then crossword puzzle = 4/17 x 7/17 Maze then crossword puzzle = 28/289