Some scientists believe that the average surface temperature of the world has been rising steadily. They have modeled the temperature by the linear function T = 0.01t + 8.5, where T is temperature in °C and t represents years since 1900. (a) What do the slope and T-intercept represent? The slope is , which means that the average surface temperature of the planet is at a rate of °C per year. The T-intercept is , which presents the average surface temperature in the year . (b) Use the equation to predict the average global surface temperature in 2050. °C

Accepted Solution

Answer:A.The slope is positive and means the temperature is increasing since year 1900T interception is 8,5 and it is the temperature in the year 1900B. 29°CStep-by-step explanation:The function is the kind y=mx+b then we can see the "b" represents the value of "y" with the horizontal line in the graph, it means when x=0the m is the slope and for our function is 0,01 and it is a positive number, in a graph a positive slope represents a line always increasing.For the b answer:We just have to substitute the t with the value 2050 in the funtionT=0,01(2050)+8,5The result is 29°C