Which statements about the hyperbola are true? Check all that apply.The center is located at (0, 0).There is a vertex at (–6, 0).The transverse axis of the graph is vertical.The foci are located within the rectangular reference box.The directrices are vertical lines.

Accepted Solution

Answer:True options: 1, 2 and 5Step-by-step explanation:From the given diagram, you can see that the center of the hyperbola is placed at the origin, so first option is true (see attached diagram for definition of center, vertices, foci, i.e.)There are two vertices of the hyperbola, they are placed at (-6,0) and (6,0), so second option is true.The transverse axis is the segment connecting vertices, this segment is horizontal, so option 3 is false.The foci are not placed within the rectangular reference box, so this option is false.The directrices are vertical lines with equations [tex]x=\pm \dfrac{a}{e}[/tex], so this option is true.